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"What a creative way to teach history as well as lessons in life! I introduced Aesock this fall. My students LOVED him."

- Janet Williammee, 4th Grade Teacher, Cherry Valley-Springfield Central School, Cherry Valley, NY

Prince of Static Island

Aesock is a time traveling, sockology-spouting, sock-laden creature with supreme static cling. Roaming the cosmos for centuries, Aesock’s travels have resulted in his impromptu collection of millions of odd socks from ordinary and extraordinary individuals worldwide.

Join Aesock and his young friends, Benjamin and Olivia, as they journey back in time to return these odd socks to some of the world’s most famous historical figures. Along the way, the kids will not only learn history, but to believe in their dreams, themselves and their quests.

Aesock's Daily Yarn
Courage is fear that has said its prayers.
Dorothy Bernard


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